Twitter Is Testing a Dedicated GIF Button

Twitter experiments with dedicated GIF button

Twitter has been rolling out a handful of new features over the last several months as part of its quest to attract new users and increase user engagement. While some have been purely cosmetic, the addition of Twitter Moments and custom polling have both provided an incentive for users to be more engaged on the social media platform. Twitter is now testing what should prove to be the most addictive of its new features, a dedicated GIF button.

On Wednesday night, Twitter made its GIF button available to a select group of users. The button, which is located in between the camera and poll icons, has appeared for a lucky few who are using the Twitter for Android app. According to Phil Pearlman, a Twitter user who spoke with TechCrunch, pressing the button gives you access to a collection of GIFs that users can include in their Tweets. Users can either select one of the trending GIFs, or click through ones that are compartmentalized based on the mood it represents.

Unfortunately, many users who got to preview the button discovered that it had been removed from the mobile app just a short while after it surfaced. Pearlman did manage to share a screen shot he took of the button before it disappeared. Check it out below.


This new feature will provide Twitter users with something similar to the GIF button found inside Facebook Messenger, which pulls GIFs from Giphy and Rifsy. It’s not clear if Twitter is working with these partners or any other specific GIF platform at this time.

It goes without saying that this would be a welcome feature that many of Twitter’s users would make use of on a daily basis. Keep your fingers crossed that Twitter greenlights a full-scale launch of its dedicated GIF button sooner than later. For now, you can enjoy creating your own custom GIFs with minimal effort.

You can see a few examples of people using the GIF button to react to the news, here.

Photo Credit: Mashable

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