Jay Z’s Tidal Is Donating $1.5 Million To Black Lives Matter and Other Social Justice Groups

Jay Z's Tidal to donat $1.5 million to charities for social justice

Jay Z’s Tidal has announced that in association with Roc Nation, the music streaming service will be making a $1.5 million donation to various social justice groups and charities, including Black Lives Matter. The company made the announcement on Friday, February 5, in honor of what would’ve been Trayvon Martin’s 21st birthday.

The funds being used for the donation come from the profits of the first Tidal X: 1020 show that was held in Brooklyn, New York, last fall. The sold-out charity concert featured performances from Jay Z, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Lil Wayne, Nick Jonas and more. While the concert was initially billed as a celebration of Tidal hitting the 1 million subscriber mark, the streaming service describes the event as “the first of a series of philanthropic music events curated by Tidal in order to raise awareness, funds, conscious engagement and dynamic action for transformative and positive social impact.”

The New World Foundation, an organization that funds various civil rights and social movements, will be tasked with administering Tidal’s grant to Black Lives Matter and the other chosen activist groups and charities. Donations will be distributed to the recipients this month.

This act of charity marks the biggest commitment to social justice that Tidal has made to date. You can see a list featuring some of the recipients of Tidal’s charitable donation below.

Opportunity Agenda
Hands Up United
Community Coalition (California)
Dream Defenders (Florida)
Black Youth Project (Illinois)
The Baltimore Justice Fund
Ohio Students Association/Organizing Collaborative
Empowerment Development Corporation (Maryland)
Million Hoodies (New York)
The Gathering for Justice League (New York)

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