Hit-Boy Releases “Feels” Featuring Ricky Anthony [STREAM]


Hit-Boy has been all over music headlines in recent weeks. With the release of a brand-new EP pending, the Grammy winner has been unleashing singles—”Yadda Yadda” featuring Wale, the Quentin Miller-assisted “Lord Have Mercy,” “In Abundance,” and “TD Celebration“— back to back. On his latest, he’s connecting with Ricky Anthony for “Feels.”

“The song ‘Feels’ is the introduction to Zoomin’ 2, I started the Zoomin’ collection to be able to put music out that’s expressive and has feeling to it that you can also ride to and feel motivated by mostly about progress in life,” he told Forbes. “Dealing with real situations and moving past them. I started this song by playing all the keyboard parts first and from there the feeling/movement wrote itself.”

“Feels” follows the same honest, emotionally driven formula of previous releases. “A lot of names on the credits, n*gga/ A lot of names on the credits, book a session, n*gga/ For really doing what? We can start there,” he raps near the song’s end.

Hit-Boy has yet to decide on a date for his upcoming LP, Zoomin 2. “The full EP will be released as soon as it is completed, could be tomorrow could be this summer,” he said.

Check out “Feels” above.

Photo Credit: Playbook

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