Kanye West Reveals the Acronym for New Album Title

Kanye West

The mystery surrounding Kanye West’s upcoming album continues. Shortly after hinting about a new secret album title, the Chicago rapper took to Twitter to announce T.L.O.P. as the acronym for his LP. Instead of giving the album’s name away in its entirety, Ye is leaving it up to fans to guess its meaning for a huge prize.

Come Thursday, Kanye West will be premiering his album at Madison Square Garden during the release of his Yeezy Season 3 show. The event will be streamed at select theaters in the United States and a number of other countries around the world.

Fans have already heard “Real Friends” and the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “No More Parties in L.A.,” which he released back in January. Since then, he’s shared a handwritten tracklisting for T.L.O.P. that has many people wondering about the LP’s guest features. Throughout this the process of creating his newly titled album, Ye has been spotted in the studio with Tyler, The Creator, Puff Daddy, Swizz Beatz, and more.

T.L.O.P. has already been dubbed by Swizz as “one of the best albums” produced by Kanye West. Ye has also gone on record to call the body of work a “sonic painting.”

Kanye West’s new album is due out on February 11. Until then, take a look at hilarious guesses fans are making for T.L.O.P.

Photo Credit: The Verge

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