Yes It’s Happening, Here’s What We Know About “Saw: Legacy”

Saw: Legacy

Back in January 2004, director James Wan became an instant household name when he released his directorial debut, Saw. The indie hit made its premiere at Sundance, playing to packed crowds for three consecutive nights and facing warm reception, but its festival success was just the cherry on top. Days prior, Lionsgate secured worldwide distribution for Saw, and following its positive debut, Saw went from a VOD platform to a theatrical release just in time for Halloween. What followed was a pop-culture phenomenon that racked up an impressive $103.9 million worldwide, making Saw the most profitable horror film at its time. It’s fair to say that the rest is history. For six consecutive Halloweens, Wan’s brainchild terrorized cinemas with unforgiving torture devices and mind-numbing plot twists.

It’s no secret that the Saw franchise got progressively worse as Lionsgate pumped out annual entries. But for those who got hooked on it and its direct sequel, there was no option but to stick with it until the bloody end. Wan stepped away from the director’s chair following Saw, but oversaw the series’ entire production, ensuring that its underlying story would connect each film. And when the seventh and final installment, Saw 3D, finally arrived, many thought it would be the last time we’d hear Charlie Clouser’s menacing score (“Hello Zepp”) as an unexpected twist revealed itself. Well…you were wrong.

Ever since the final installment, there had always been rumblings of a possible reboot or some sort of sequel that would carry on the franchise. Obviously Lionsgate wanted to put the concept on ice for awhile, sensing fatigue from moviegoers, but I don’t think Saw 3D was ever intended to be the final chapter.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Lionsgate has moved forward with a new development and tapped writing duo Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger (Sorority Row, Piranha 3D) to pen Saw: Legacy. Obviously there are no plot details at this time, but Wan (who’s readying the release of The Conjuring 2 and prepping for Aquaman production) and Leigh Whannell will return to executive produce.

There are plenty of ways Saw: Legacy could go. If you recall the final scene in Saw 3D, Dr. Gordon revealed himself as Jigsaw’s secret helper all along. Will Legacy carry on that story? Maybe it’ll start at the beginning with an origin story. Or perhaps we’ll find ourselves in the midst of a brand-new group of Jigsaw devotees.

Whatever happens, we’ll be keeping our eyes on this as it developments. In the meantime, let us know what you think. Should Saw continue?

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