Canada Goose Joins the NBA All-Star Weekend Festivities with These Limited-Edition Parkas

NBA All-Star Game Canada Goose

As most know, the NBA All-Star Game is coming to Toronto, Canada, for the first time ever. Though most of the chatter around the eventful weekend has been of excitement, more and more people are starting to center their discussion around the weather report, as temperatures are expected to drop well below freezing for the duration of the weekend. As Canada’s unofficial winter uniform provider, Canada Goose has teamed up with the NBA to provide the All-Stars with limited-edition parkas – crafted specifically for the harsh weather conditions and to embody the welcoming Canadian spirit.


Officially dubbed “The Macmillan Parkas,” the pack includes the “Carbon Camo” design for the Eastern Conference team, and the “Classic Camo” design (featured in the above photo) for the Western Conference squad. As an added sentimental touch, each jacket features an embroidered congratulatory note from Canada Goose on the inside front panel.

If you’re heading to Toronto this weekend, be sure to stay warm with any of Canada Goose’s parkas, available in-store or online. Also, be sure to check out the official uniforms from adidas for this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game.

Photo Credit: NBA



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