Here’s a New Update on Kanye West’s “T.L.O.P.” Album

Kanye West

We’re just a day away from the release of Kanye West’s highly anticipated LP. Newly titled T.L.O.P., the album has already seen its fair share of reviews. The latest to dish on the Chicago emcee’s newest effort is Ebro Darden of Hot 97. “I was given approval to say some things about Kanye’s album,” he wrote on Twitter. In the same tweet, he mentioned T.L.O.P possibly being Ye’s “best album.”

When asked about guest appearances, Ebro responded with, “Features? Man listen this is Kanye west discuss these drums & bass lines and punchlines & use of movie clips.” That’s a huge update from what we’ve gotten in the past. Swizz Beatz, Seth Rogen, Travis Scott, Jeremih, and others have all shared their thoughts on Ye’s new work.

In addition to all the details in Ebro’s tweet, Kanye West previously revealed clues about the content during an interview with Big Boy. “When I was sitting in the studio with Kirk [Franklin], I said ‘This is a gospel album with a lot of cursing on it,'” he said. “It’s the gospel according to Ye. It’s not exactly what happened, but it’s a story of this idea of Mary Magdalene becoming Mary.”

Fans around the world can catch the world premiere of T.L.O.P. as it’s streamed along with the debut of his Yeezy Season 3 fashion line. Head over to for more details.

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