Fabolous Releases Cinematic Visual for “Started Something” [VIDEO]


There’s a chance that we’re just days away from a new Fabolous tape. After missing the original December 25 release for The Young OG Project 2, Fabolous announced a new date for the highly anticipated effort during an interview with Ebro on Hot 97.

“I needed some more clearance time. My samples weren’t clearing on time” the Brooklyn rapper told the host. “Last time I themed it off of ’90s hip-hop, and it was inspired by that. This time it’s inspired by ’90s R&B.”

But before diving head first into the feels, Fabolous released some steam on “Started Something,” one of the highlights of his Summertime Shootout mixtape. “I’m not a fan of phony vibes, and weird energy,” he raps. And it’s the Gerard Victor-directed visual that brings his words to life. Fans get to witness Fabolous back in movie-mode as he sets out for revenge.

Not much has been revealed about The Young OG Project 2. He dished on it with Ebro, stating, “I used a few people who weren’t new energy, but it will feel new from you hearing them with me as well. I always like different collaborations. I don’t like to abuse collaborations.”

Fabolous’ The Young OG Project 2 should be here soon.

Photo Credit: BET

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