James Blake Releases New Song, “Modern Soul” [STREAM]

James Blake

It’s been over a year since James Blake first announced the release of his upcoming album, Radio Silence. Originally slated for 2015, the LP was expected to include Kanye West as a guest appearance. Though that body of work has yet to see the light of day, the UK crooner has managed to keep up the hype.

Fans were treated to a new tune titled “Modern Soul,” which aired on BBC Radio 1’s 1-800 DINOSAUR.  James Blake’s soft, airy vocals fills in a beautiful, piano-driven instrumental. “I had no idea of the difference between the way I saw your face and the way it was,” he sings.

“There’s a well of information with the things that are going on in front of you, which essentially might mean people or situations. Firsthand experience, really, is the subject of my music,” Blake told the Miami New Times, speaking on his writing process and inspirations.

DIY magazine has already dubbed James Blake’s Radio Silence as one of 2016’s defining moments. Though there’s no date set for its debut, the album rollout continues with his newest single.

Check out “Modern Soul” above.

Photo Credit: Consequence of Sound

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