“The Day Beyoncé Turned Black” Is Everything You Need and More [VIDEO]

The Day Beyonce Turned Black

Ever since Beyoncé dropped the video for her new song “Formation,” and subsequently performed it at Super Bowl 50, white people have collectively lost their shit over its pro-black themes. The unfounded controversy has resulted in plenty of useless rhetoric about Beyoncé’s intentions, even though she clearly stated the song’s message directly following her performance. Despite our country being in the midst of a presidential election, “reputable” news outlets have spent considerable time condemning Bey’s choices, citing irrevocable harm to “white culture,” or whatever that means. As many have pointed out, “Formation” has nothing to do with white people, instead, it shines a positive light on black culture, and more importantly, what it means to be black and proud.

Taking the opportunity to strike rare comedic gold, SNL delivered quite possibly one of the best segments we’ve seen in quite some time. I won’t spoil the greatness that is “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black,” but it essentially points out the absurdity of white fragility. It can best be described as, “NC-17 for white people, Rated G for black people.”

Watch the hilarity up top, and head here just in case it doesn’t work.

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