20th Century Fox Eyes R-Rating for Final “Wolverine” Film

Wolverine 3 to Get R Rating

Deadpool‘s success is undeniable. It’s a huge middle finger for any studio suit that believed Tim Miller’s faithful adaptation wouldn’t succeed at the box office. It did, and then some. As it stands, Deadpool has earned $282 million worldwide, breaking numerous records for a Rated R superhero flick. Its success will undoubtedly bring change to the landscape of the superhero genre as moviegoers have proved, once again, that there’s a strong desire for more than cookie-cutter material.

So what can we expect moving forward? Well, there’s already a Rated R Spawn reboot in the works, which if you’ve seen the original, you’re aware of how great this character is. Given the right story, Spawn could easily stand as a viable film. But as it relates to 20th Century Fox, the studio already has their sights set on the final Wolverine installment accompanied with a R rating. During Toy Fair 2016, Fox hinted at the possibility with a pamphlet handed out to those in attendance. Wolverine 3 is listed with a March 3, 2017 release along with an anticipated MPAA rating.

It’s an interesting move, but one that makes sense. The studio will no doubt explore more adult-oriented material with Deadpool 2 and the impending X-Force film, and if anything about the X-Men universe screamed R – it was Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has starred as the titular hero for 15 years now, which means most of his fanbase has aged considerably. It’s totally right that he get one final run with an appropriate approach. Maybe we can finally get the worthy Deadpool x Wolverine reunion we all deserve.


Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

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  • Eric Janssen

    And now, studios rattle their witch-doctor chicken-bones in superstitious fear and awe trying to figure out why Deadpool made “even more money than Fifty Shades of Gray!” in February…Maybe it was the R-rating?
    Uh, no: It’s called a “Fan pilgrimage”, as every Deadpool fan stampeded the theaters to see his movie on opening day.
    Whether it tanks the second week, like Gray did, when normal mainstream people are expected to go to the theater, remains to be seen, but at least the Merc’s been getting better reviews than the Bondage Movie.