Watch Every Perfect Score Dunk In NBA Dunk Contest History

Watch Every Perfect Score Dunk In NBA Dunk Contest History

Right now, you’re probably experiencing that weird after All-Star game withdrawals that are filled with nothing but trade deadline rumors and absolutely no NBA action. Luckily some superhero/Reddit user, ThisIsMyFavoriteSub, took on the task of piecing together every single dunk in the history of the NBA Dunk Contest that have received a perfect score of 50.

Nothing more needs to be said, right?

From Julius Erving’s groundbreaking foul line dunk, to Aaron Gordon’s ridiculous alley oop under both legs, you’ll be here for a good 15 minutes remembering just how special All-Star weekend is when the dunk contest is lit. While we are on the subject, can we just go ahead and say that Gordon was not robbed? He definitely had the best dunk of the contest, but he came up short in the dunk-off at the very end and nothing is beating a between-the-legs dunk from the foul line. Nothing.

Sorry about the tangent. Check out the awesome video in the player up above.

Photo Credit: NBA/Getty.

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