Help Leonardo DiCaprio Win an Oscar in “Red Carpet Rampage”

Red Carpet Rampage

We’re right in the thick of Oscar season, and as the heavily discussed award show approaches, all eyes are on The Revenant and its lead star Leonardo DiCaprio. The five-time Academy Award nominee has yet to earn a coveted Oscar, but Leo’s current race to the big night indicates a much better result for the acclaimed star. Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s blood-soaked revenge thriller has performed exceedingly well in the awards circuit, winning best picture at the BAFTAs and Golden Globes. Leo has already racked up some serious trophies, earning his first BAFTA and SAG awards. He also walked away with his third Golden Globe award and his second Critic’s Choice award. A promising sign of what’s to come. Or so I hope.

To get in the spirit of Leo’s pending Oscar glory, you can now be Leo as he chases down the red carpet in his pursuit of the ever-elusive Oscar. The absurd, yet hilarious video game starts with an introduction from Leo himself: “Hi I’m Leonardo DiCaprio and I really need to win the Oscar.” In order to win Leo that pesky trophy, players must race down a red carpet riddled with paparazzi, icebergs, and competing leading men, including the sometimes insufferable Matt Damon and the always brilliant Bryan Cranston. There’s even a nice little jab at the Academy’s glaring diversity issue. Dive into the action.

The 88th Academy Awards airs live February 28.

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