GameStop CEO Says PlayStation VR Will Be Available Fall 2016

PlayStation VR headset may launch Fall 2016

The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google VR headset are all expected to vie for the attention of consumers eager to dive into a virtual reality in 2016. According to GameStop CEO Paul Raines, Sony is also getting in on the action, with the upcoming PlayStation VR set to release later this year.

In an interview with Fox Business, Raines spoke on the PlayStation VR, revealing that GameStop “will launch the Sony product this fall.” He also divulged that the video game retailer is “in discussions” to also stock the Oculus and HTC VR headsets, which launch in March and (most likely) April, respectively.

Based on the comments from Raines, we now know that the PlayStation VR will be carried by GameStop starting this fall. However, that doesn’t eliminate the possibility that the product could actually launch sooner, and be available for purchase elsewhere in the weeks or even months leading up to its arrival at GameStop.

Regardless of when the official PlayStation VR launch takes place, the headset has a major competitive advantage. Even if it launches months after the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the PSVR will be the only VR headset that can run on a current generation video game console. While the Oculus and HTC headsets will require consumers to make additional hardware purchases to take advantage of their tech, the PSVR will run on the PlayStation 4 and will also have the capability to employ other hardware, including the PlayStation Move controllers. This will be a key means of attracting gamers, about 36 million of which already own PlayStation 4 consoles.

An official price for the PlayStation VR headset has yet to be announced. According to a September report by Bloomberg, the headset will be priced like a “new gaming console.” This would put the cost of the PSVR in the same ballpark as the Oculus Rift ($599). The price tag of the HTC Vive has yet to be confirmed.


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