Samsung Gear 360 Makes Shooting 360-Degree Video Easy For Anyone

Samsung Gear 360 VR video camera

Back in November, Samsung made its mark on the still-blooming virtual-reality field with the release of the Samsung Gear VR. The product was met with significant praise, even labeled by some as the best virtual-reality gadget on the market at the time if its release. The South Korean tech giant is hoping to garner a similar reception with the debut of the Samsung Gear 360, a new device that shoots 360-degree videos and photos.

Samsung announced the Gear 360 on Sunday at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The compact video camera has a spherical design and is smaller than the size of a tennis ball. It features two f2.0 lenses, each of which shoots a 195-degree field of view. The 15 degrees of overlap help to create a higher-quality video when footage is downloaded wirelessly onto a phone and the stitched together. The final product can then be shared on YouTube and other platforms that support 360 video. All media is stored on a microSD card (the device supports up to 128GB).

In addition to capturing high-quality video and 30-megapixel stills, the Gear 360 also benefits from being very user-friendly. The outside of the device is home to only three buttons, which are used to record, access menu options, and power the Gear 360 on and off.  The video camera also comes equipped with a flat bottom and a tripod so that the user can mount it on most surfaces.

Although the Gear 360 only works with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for the time being, Samsung says that the device will also be compatible with “select Samsung smartphones.” The company plans to release the Gear 360 camera later this year. A price tag has yet to be announced.

Hit the jump to check out a gallery of detailed images and more sample videos captured by the Samsung Gear 360.

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