Snapchat Users Can Now Pay to Create Custom Geofilters For Events, Brands and More [VIDEO]

Snapchat lets users pay for custom geofilters

Snapchat may have closed its paid filter store last month, but now the company is introducing a new feature that will help enhance the user experience and bring in revenue at the same time. Today, Snapchat debuted “on-demand” geofilters.

Snapchat has been offering geofilters for some time. The company initially launched the feature to let users include graphics that represent a city or neighborhood in their posts. Now, Snapchat has built out the submission program even more so that users and brands can use custom “on-demand” filters that they designed for posts about parties, weddings and other events. This new feature plays particularly well for brands, who can include their own logo to promote and/or cover specific events.

Users will be able to create a designated area or “geofence” where their geofilter can be used. As a result, other users can see where you are and follow posts about the event. Essentially, this is Snapchat’s version of a hashtag. A geofence can cover a minimum of 20,000 feet, and can be extended to an area of 5 million square feet – approximately several city blocks.

The “on-demand” geofilters are meant to be temporary, with users having the option to make them live for as little as an hour or as long as 30 days. Pricing for custom geo-filters starts at $5, and varies based on the duration of the filter and the size of the area which it covers.

According to Snapchat, submitted geofilters will usually be reviewed within a day. The company also says it provides those who purchase geofilters with analytics that show how many people viewed their specific on-demand filter, as well as the amount of people who used them.

The new “on-demand” geofilters feature is currently limited to users in the US, UK and Canada. More locations will be added in the near future. Check out for the official announcement.

[Business Insider via Snapchat]

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