Zack Snyder Teases The Flash’s New Costume for “Justice League” Movies

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Even when he’s just taking a plainclothes photo with a Justice League cast member, there’s a good chance that Zack Snyder is low-key giving us an Easter egg from the DC cinematic universe. On Monday night, the Man of Steel and Batman v Superman director took to Twitter to share a photo of himself and actor Jason Momoa who plays Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League: Part One. The real takeaway from the pic however, are the costumes hiding in the background – particularly a glossy red one belonging to The Flash.

Surfacing on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Justice League: Part One will start filming on April 11, the teaser photo provides a brief glimpse at what Ezra Miller will be wearing when he portrays The Flash on the big screen. Unlike Grant Gustin’s version of the scarlet speedster on The CW‘s TV series, The Flash’s costume in Snyder’s upcoming blockbuster has a very polished and shiny aesthetic. It’s hard to tell for certain from the teaser image, but it looks like Snyder has opted to go with a version of the costume that has gold wings adorning the mask instead of the decorative lightning bolts seen in the TV series.

In addition to the The Flash’s bold red movie get-up, Snyder’s photo also provides a sneak peek at a few other costumes. The mannequin next to The Flash costume is dressed in a dark-green costume which clearly belongs to Aquaman. There’s also an alternate batsuit and bat cowl seen clearly on opposite ends of the photo.

There are still rumors that we could see Ezra Miller wearing his new Flash costume for a brief cameo in Batman v Superman next month. In any case, The Flash will clock his first real screen time in the new DC cinematic universe in the upcoming Justice League saga. The story will be broken into two films; the first hits theaters November 17, 2017. Ezra Miller will then return as The Flash in a solo film that’s slated to arrive on March 16, 2018.

Hit the jump to check out Snyder’s tweet and a blurry closeup of The Flash’s new digs.



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