Listen to Kanye West’s New Song Featuring Sampha [VIDEO]

Kanye West

Kanye West is having a moment—his moment. It’s been weeks since he kicked off his campaign with “Real Friends,” and has managed to maintain a steady hype after releasing his newest album, The Life of Pablo. Throughout the entire process, fans have been able to get a glimpse into the Chicago rapper’s mind through his increasing use of social media. And now, he’s addressing his rants in a brand-new song.

Kanye West’s newest release, possibly titled “Closet Thing to Einstein,” arrives at the right time. The song, which he debuted during Yo Gotti’s album release party, is sentimental, and like his latest album, features a proper blend of new and old content. The lengthy song features a sample of Jay Z’s “Where I’m From,” an ode to “We Don’t Care,” and a guest appearance from UK singer Sampha who previously collaborated with Drake on “Too Much.”

A number of sides to Kanye West have been witnessed since the start of the New Year—some more disturbing than others, leaving many critics to question his mental state. That’s addressed on this debut (This generation’s closest thing to Einstein/So don’t worry about me, I’m fine”) as well as his recent social media rants and finances.

Kanye West’s released The Life of Pablo on February 11 as a TIDAL exclusive. There’s no telling whether he’ll deliver an updated version of the LP, but songs continue to surface online.

Check out Ye’s latest release above.

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