Uber Launches Motorcycle Taxi Service “UberMOTO”

Uber launches motorcycle taxi service UberMOTO

Uber is furthering its expansion in Asia with a couple of major new initiatives. On Wednesday, the ride-hailing app opened a customer service center in Hyderabad, India, to service riders and drivers across Asia. The bigger headline, however, is that the company also announced the launch of its motorcycle taxi service, “UberMOTO.”

To start testing the waters of rides on two wheels, Uber is rolling out an UberMOTO pilot program in the heavily congested city of Bangkok, Thailand. Known for heavy traffic and daily commutes that can take up to 2 hours each way, the city should serve as a proper proving ground for a motorcycle taxi service that Uber describes as being “specifically developed for cities in emerging markets.”

UberMOTO will be competing with several other ride-hailing apps that are already established in the region, including Didi Kuaidi and GrabTaxi. The latter launched its own motorbike service in Bangkok last year, which it also now offers in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Asia’s abundance of densely populated cities make the region a prime target for Uber’s expansion. A service like UberMOTO could appeal to many commuters in traffic jam-prone areas like Bangkok as a means of getting around the congested roads and cutting down on daily commutes. The region has been embracing new two-wheeled modes of transportation lately. Last year, Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei served as the home for Gogoro’s electric scooter pilot program. The program proved successful and Gogoro is now setting up shop with its eco-friendly Smartscooters in other countries.

UberMOTO  fares begin at 10 TBH (approximately $0.30 USD) and increase by 3.5 TBH (approximately $0.10 USD) per kilometer. Riders can request an UberMOTO using the existing Uber app.

With last year’s launch of UberBoat and now the arrival of UberMOTO, who knows what new modes of transportation the company will set its sights on next. It seems like only a matter of time before there really is “Uber Everywhere.”

You can read more about the UberMOTO launch via Uber.

Photo Credit: Business Insider

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