The Second Full-Length Trailer for “Daredevil” Shines a Light on Elektra [VIDEO]

Daredevil Season Two

Early last week, Netflix dropped the first tense trailer for Daredevil‘s upcoming second season. The nearly three-minute-long clip highlighted Jon Bernthal’s anticipated arrival to the show as the fan favorite vigilante, The Punisher. Frank Castle’s addition to Hell’s Kitchen will undoubtedly make things complicated for Matt Murdock, also known as The Man Without Fear, as he navigates the city’s dangerous streets post-Wilson Fisk.

With Daredevil returning in March, Netflix stays true to their word with a second full-length trailer, this time focusing the attention on √Člodie Yung’s Elektra Natchios. The trailer plays up the chemistry between Elektra and Matt, once adversaries and former lovers. Based on what we’ve seen, this is a different turn than what we saw between the two in that feature-film adaptation we’d all rather pretend didn’t happen. The clip also makes it a point to show the impending chaos stemming from a crime organization known as The Hand. And of course, The Punisher can be seen throughout.

Daredevil‘s second season raises the stakes. Matt grapples with the looming responsibility of keeping Hell’s Kitchen safe, while trying to survive the onslaught of his enemies and protect his friends at the same time. Check out the latest trailer, mark your calendars for March 28, and place your bets on this being some of the best television to come out of 2016.

Photo Credit: Netflix

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