A Snippet Surfaces of a Kanye West Collaboration with Migos [VIDEO]

Kanye West

Kanye West has been known to push boundaries when it comes to collaborations. Yeezus captured the emcee next to Chief Keef on the wild record “Hold My Liquor,” My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is home to the star-studded “All of the Lights,” and there’s Brooklyn artist Desiigner’s inclusion on The Life of Pablo‘s “Pt. 2.”

As TLOP makes its rounds, and continues to stir conversation, so has new music. In addition to songs being added to The Life of Pablo at the very last minute, Ye shared a Sampha-assisted song earlier this week. He also unleashed a visual for “All Day” that included the emotionally driven “I Feel Like That,” a new song to those who didn’t witness it at its Paris screening.

Now, Ian Conner has shared a snippet of a Kanye West collaboration with Atlanta group Migos via Snapchat. Ye can be heard crooning the words, “Now I’m acting like I’m white.” Conner recently spoke to Billboard about his connection to Ye’s style, and briefly mentioned the album. “I’m in the studio but as far like his album and all that I don’t care to touch that subject,” he said. A day later, Kanye West released his newest effort.

Listen to the sneak peek below.

Photo Credit: CNN

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