Here’s What André 3000 Thinks About Today’s Rappers’ Freestyling [VIDEO]

Andre 3000

There’s a good chance that you’ll come across some people who place André 3000 in their greatest rappers of all time list. He’s been wowing fans since his Outkast days, and easily quiets doubters whenever he lets off a guest verse. But while many of today’s popular rappers boasts of their ability to freestyle, Andre 3000 isn’t one of them.

He spoke on his writing preference during an interview with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. “I’m not a good freestyler. I think it’s a confidence thing, and an overthinking thing too. You gotta just let your mind free. That’s the great asset to rappers now. They actually freestyle most of those verses we hear,” he said. He then added, “They don’t write. They laugh at us when we write.”

André 3000 has never shied away from commenting on music. In past interviews, fans have gotten his insight on K Camp and Kid Cudi. Seated next to L.A. Reid, he expressed his excitement about Cudi’s Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven, calling it “the best thing to come out in a long time.” He also took a moment to weigh in on one of hip-hop’s hardest-working artists, stating “Future is charging up the rap game.”

There’s still hope of André 3000 returning to the booth. Until then, hear his thoughts on Young Thug, social media beefs, and more in his discussion with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

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