Nike Will Now Let You Reserve Upcoming Sneakers if Your Order Gets Cancelled


Have you ever set up shop in your room at around 9:50 on a Saturday morning, hands glued to your phone or laptop, preparing yourself for the rush of anxiety and adrenaline that will be arriving once 10am hits? Those sneakers that you’ve been eyeing are finally available, and you’re one of the few hundred people in the world lucky enough to get those kicks in your cart before that dreaded “out of stock” message pops up. Your billing information is accepted, you receive a confirmation email, and you are more than elated to finally getting your hands on those silhouettes that have been dominating your dreams for week. You return to your bed for a blissful nap until noon, dreaming of the outfits that you have planned for when that special “Your Order Has Been Shipped” message arrives. What you’re met with when you wake up, however, is all happiness being snatched away, as that dreaded “We’re sorry – We oversold and your order has been cancelled.” email from the Nike overlords appears, while those pre-authorized dollars from your account hang out in limbo for 3-5 business days. Being a dedicated sneaker fan that has gone through this before, the familiar frustration sets in as you retreat to your sad place, vowing to never put yourself through that kind of torture again – until next week’s coveted Jordan release has you ready to begin the vicious cycle all over again.

This exact scenario (well, it’s pretty accurate, right?) has occurred to sneakerheads across the globe a countless number of times, particularly after last weekend’s quick sellout of the “The Master” Air Jordan XII that left a great many customers receiving that frustrating notification. Never fear – Nike has finally come up with a solution for those who were met with disappointment, enacting a new system that now let’s customers reserve an upcoming high-profile sneaker release if available, should their orders be unexpectedly cancelled. According to Complex, a number of consumers have reported receiving an email from Nike offering the service, along with a 20% discount code off their next purchase. Though it hasn’t been officially announced by Nike if this system will occur for every cancellation, it appears the system is here to stay. Rejoice, sneaker-loving family. At least there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

[via Complex]

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