Timeless Truth Celebrated the Release of Their “Cold Wave” LP in NYC [PHOTOS]

Timeless Truth has already set a high bar when it comes to their music. Project after project, fans have gotten a firsthand look at the duo’s ability to create a sound that’s been praised since the beginning of hip-hop. With their raw, gritty, and uncompromising qualities, Queens brothers Oprime39 and Superbad Solace put on for their hometown at Cold Wave‘s New York City listening party this past Sunday.

The event, hosted by STASHED, garnered the right type of crowd. Hands waved at the DJ’s request, shirts were purchased by die-hard fans, and the good vibes flowed. Before thanking everyone involved, the duo let off the song’s intro. Titled “de Blasio Speaks,” the record acted as an easy transition into everything Timeless Truth had in store for the night.

Rather than just let Cold Wave play through, Timeless Truth performed some of the LP’s highlights. They delivered the noise on “4 The Real 1s,” and kept the same energy for each record that followed.  A key moment came when they paid tribute to the late Sean Price, who is featured on “Hardbody Karate,” by bringing out the emcee’s wife.

For more moments, check out the exclusive photos shot by Angel Ortiz-Pereira, and be sure to read our Cold Wave review.

Photo Credit: Angel Ortiz-Pereira

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