Donald Trump Is Being Spammed With Newsletters About Breastfeeding, Power Rangers and More

Donald Trump spammed with email newsletters

Hate it or love it, Donald Trump seems to only be hogging more headlines as Election Day draws nearer. Trump’s constant presence in the news makes him about as inescapable as Oprah’s irritatingly enthusiastic testimony about the joy of bread during Hulu commercial breaks. Sometimes the headlines can be pretty amusing, while other times you just wish you could make Trump drop out of the presidential race and make nice with NBC for another season of The Apprentice. At this point though, we’re forced to accept the fact that this guy isn’t going away for a while. Life isn’t always fair. But in this case, at least someone has managed to find the silver lining.

When historians write about the 2016 presidential election, they’d be remiss to do so without mentioning the story of Signupfortrump. The person behind this awesome Tumblr account somehow happened upon Donald Trump’s personal email and correctly decided it would be a great idea to sign up the Republican frontrunner for a random assortment of newsletters. Here’s a mission statement explaining Signupfortrump’s very commendable goal:

To help our 44th President prepare for his job as the leader of the United States, I’ve decided to sign him up for resources that he might find helpful. With his actual, real email address that I obtained in a very shady way.

The Donald is about to get a plethora of information on very important topics like cats, breastfeeding, dating apps for farmers, and the mighty morphin’ Power Rangers. On a small scale, spamming Trump is like giving him a taste of his own medicine. So savor this victory, Anti-Trumpites.

Hit the jump to enjoy a sampling of the newsletters Donald Trump now subscribes to, along with a few words from the Signupfortrump’s creator.


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