Here’s a New “Finding Dory” Trailer to Brighten Your Day [VIDEO]

Finding Dory Trailer

Having a rough week? Does the fallout of Super Tuesday have you feeling low? Well thankfully, Ellen, in her infinite wisdom, planned the perfect remedy for our midweek slumps. And by that, I’m referring to a brand-new trailer for Pixar’s Finding Dory. 13 years after the release of Finding Nemo, director Andrew Stanton returns to helm the sequel, which brings together Dory, Nemo, and Marlin for another sea-nematic adventure. (Forgive me for that one.)

Finding Dory takes place six months after the events of Finding Nemo, and will focus on Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) and her quest to reconnect with her past. The latest trailer shows Dory’s sudden realization that she does in fact have a family, and brings Nemo (formerly voiced by Alexander Gould, now Hayden Rolence) and Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) along for the swim. The trio’s deep-sea exploration takes them to Monterey Marine Life Institute where they run into a crew of new creatures, including Destiny, a whale shark (voiced by Kaitlin Olsen), Bailey, a beluga whale (voiced by Ty Burrell), and Hank, an octopus (voiced by Ed O’Neill).

Finding Dory will answers a lot of questions about her past. Who are her parents? How’d did they get separated? And more importantly, why can Dory speak whale? Pixar releases Finding Dory June 17. For the time being, check out the new trailer up top and just keep swimming.

Photo Credit: Pixar

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