Apple Support Channel Launches on Twitter For Tips, Tricks and General Aid


Apple is stepping up its customer service with the launch of a new general support channel on Twitter. The Cupertino-based company will use the Twitter handle @AppleSupport to share tips, tricks, and tutorials, as well as aiding people with questions related to Apple’s products and services.

In a blog post announcing the new general support Twitter account Apple writes “We’re here to provide tips, tricks and helpful information when you need it most, and if you have a question, well — we’re here to help with that too.” Launched on Thursday morning, the English-language Twitter account already has already gained 60K followers in a matter of hours. The first assist from Apple’s new support account is a “how to” Notes app.

Don’t expect any Easter eggs regarding upcoming product releases. A few Twitter users have already tried their luck and asked about certain Apple projects in the pipeline and failed to extract any information. The @AppleSupport Twitter account simply responds “we don’t comment on future products.”

Apple already has several existing help channels that tailor to specific services, including Apple Music Help and the App Store Twitter account. The @AppleSupport channel, however, is the first one where costumers can go for all of their Apple-related inquiries. This new initiative is one that’s sure to make the brand and its products even more consumer friendly.

Be sure to check out the Apple Support Twitter channel to see what helpful tricks and tips are being shared in the coming days and weeks. Hopefully we’ll get some tutorials on things like Music Memos app and the upcoming 9.7-inch iPad Pro in the near future.

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