This Fan-Made Trailer Pits X-Men Against Donald Trump [VIDEO]

X-Men Donald Trump

Donald Trump went from political laughingstock to still a political laughingstock, but also a formidable contender in the presidential election. Scary shit, amiright? Who would’ve thought Trump, and America’s voters at large, would take it this far? After Super Tuesday, Trump’s quest in taking charge of our country’s future is alarmingly close to becoming a reality. Despite countless public figures condemning his campaign and hate speech, his vitriol has only gotten stronger. It’s like this dude is absorbing all the hate and becoming even more unbeatable. Is this guy a fucking mutant? The orange skin certainly makes a strong case.

Thanks to a fan trailer, we now know how closely Trump resembles an unstoppable mutant antagonist in the X-Men universe. The eerily on-point clip fuses Trump’s most controversial moments with the new trailer of Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse, which is equal parts comical and wholly terrifying – much like Trump’s campaign.

Who knows exactly what will happen come the Republican National Convention and the general election, but unlike Professor X’s comforting line to Jean Grey, this most surely is not a dream.

Photo Credit: Max Goodrich

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