Gerard Butler, Angela Bassett and Aaron Eckhart on Raising the Stakes with “London Has Fallen” [VIDEO]

London Has Fallen

Antoine Fuqua, a director whose catalogue speaks for itself, surprised audiences back in 2013 with his action thriller, Olympus Has Fallen. Led by the ever-charismatic Gerard Butler and Harvey Dent Aaron Eckhart, Fuqua’s sleeper hit was one of two films released that year that dealt with a terrorist attack against the White House. For the adrenaline junkies that feed off explosive set pieces and tense direction, Olympus Has Fallen offered up all the goods and saw Butler return to form as Secret Service agent Mike Banning. Despite some shaky script work, Olympus managed to win over audiences and earn praise from critics for its direction, acting, and action sequences, leading to a successful run at the box office.

Fast forward to today, and director Babak Najafi wrangles up the principal cast for another dynamite outing with London Has Fallen. Butler returns as agent Banning and serves as President Benjamin Asher’s (Eckhart) protective guard and right-hand man. The story continues across the pond after the British Prime Minister unexpectedly passes away. With all the leaders of the Western World in attendance for his funeral, a new terrorist organization executes a deadly plot to wipe them out and use Asher as war propaganda. Along with Butler and Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo, and Radha Mitchell all reprise their roles from Olympus.

STASHED was able to get an early look at Najafi’s new thriller and speak with some of the cast about the process of making the sequel bigger, badder, and more explosive than ever. Along with opening up about London Has Fallen, Butler, Bassett and Eckhart revealed the items they would need to have during an emergency situation.

London Has Fallen is now playing.

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