Tory Lanez Joins Dutch Capital on “Walk Away” [STREAM]

Dutch Capital

The next few weeks are looking up for emerging artist Dutch Capital. He’s set to release a brand-new project titled Nothing Was Overnight this spring, and has already kicked off its rollout with “Walk Away.” With assistance from Tory Lanez, one of Toronto’s hottest artists, the rapper lets off a melodic tune for the ladies.

“This was one of the most genuine tracks I’ve done to date and Tory was perfect for the record,” said Dutch to Billboard. “The vibe and everything was perfect. When we were in the studio together, I knew this was the one. The energy was great, and it happened organically.”

“Walk Away” finds Dutch Capital exploring the complicated nature of love. He uses the Beat Da Knocker-produced record to speak on his hesitations and explore all the possible consequences of a union. “You say you want someone to love and I can be that somebody, and I ain’t want to give my love away,” Tory Lanez croons.

More music off of Nothing Was Overnight will be hitting the ‘Net in coming weeks. Until then, the Maryland artist’s tunes can be heard on In Yo Feelings and Margaritas and Palm Trees, two of his previously released tapes.

Photo Credit: Medium PR Agency 

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