Tyler, The Creator and ASAP Rocky Remix Kanye West’s “Freestyle 4” [VIDEO]

Tyler, The Creator

Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo arrived last month. Since then, several producers have remixed the LP’s popular a cappella record “I Love Kanye.” Going against the grain, Tyler, The Creator tapped Harlem artist ASAP Rocky for a wild rendition of “Freestyle 4.”

Retitled “What the F*ck Right Now,” the official video captures an energy that tops what we’ve seen in the Odd Future frontman’s recent Snapchats. It’s obvious that this isn’t the first time these two have paired up. Last September, they embarked on a joint tour around the United States. The chemistry developed is on full display as Rocky covers adlibs and Tyler provides the rhymes on “What the F*ck Right Now.”

There’s rumor that the final version of Kanye West’s TLOP will be released soon. So much has happened since its initial debut at Madison Square Garden including an increase in songs on the tracklisting. Other moments include Ye unleashing the Sampha-assisted record “Closet Thing to Einstein” and announcing his Turbo Grafx LP that’s expected to drop this summer.

Check out “What the F*ck Right Now” above.

Photo Credit: Stereogum

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