Jay IDK Brings King Trappy III to Life in “God Said Trap” [VIDEO]


Great things are happening for DMV artist Jay IDK. Since releasing his well-received album SubTRAP, he’s performed alongside Wale and Fat Trel, enlisted BJ the Chicago Kid for “Cookie,” and landed a couple of shows at this year’s upcoming SXSW. Keeping with the hype, he unleashed a telling video for one of the LP’s standout songs, “God Said Trap.”

The Jacob LaGuardia-directed visual gives us a glimpse of King Trappy III‘s lifestyle. The character, created by Jay IDK, is front and center as he lays out the pros and cons of being a dealer. While the gifts—new cars, silver spoons and dream weddings—are all good, it’s the possibly of being cursed—jail time or death—that will make anyone think twice.

“It’s you telling yourself that what you’re doing is good. That’s where God comes in. That whole thing is me selling weed but thinking about selling coke. And telling myself why it’s alright and how good it will be,” he schooled STASHED. “But then also turning around and saying what could happen. It’s really just trying to convince yourself that it’s good when it’s really not. Or it may or may not be good. It’s really about how you see it.”

Check out Jay IDK’s “God Said Trap” above.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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