R.I.P. “Shadow Moses”: The “Metal Gear Solid” Fan Remake Is Cancelled

Metal Gear Solid fan remake cancelled

Every gamer knows that most fan remakes of video games never get released. For the last couple of months, Metal Gear Solid fans have been holding on to a sliver of hope that an Unreal Engine 4 remake of the 1998 game would see the light of day. The first trailer for the Metal Gear Solid fan remake Shadow Moses prompted a slight optimism thanks to two words at the end of the video: “coming soon.” In the back of our minds though, we knew better than to think someone other than Konami (MGS‘ publisher) would reissue the first installment of the classic game franchise with next-generation graphics. Sadly, we now have confirmation that our doubts were justified.

Shadow Moses has officially been shut down. The unfortunate but not unexpected news was delivered via a Facebook post revealing that the developer has pulled the plug on their Metal Gear Solid remake for “reasons beyond our control.” The announcement doesn’t go into specifics about why the much-talked-about fan remake is being cancelled, but the statement seems to imply that copyright issues may have been the cause of its demise. This scenario is more than likely considering both MGS developer Konami’s track record of putting the kibosh on fan remakes, as well as the recent uncertainty of the franchise’s future following the departure of its creator Hideo Kojima from the company. Konami has stated that Metal Gear Solid will continue without Kojima, but that future obviously does not include bringing Shadow Moses to market.

Even though it doesn’t come as much of a surprise, news of Shadow Moses‘ cancellation will be a major bummer for the droves of fans who were throwing their support behind the Metal Gear Solid remake. On the bright side, the remake’s official Facebook page followed the announcement of the game’s cancellation with a vague post stating that there’s “some other news” on the way. What the developer behind Shadow Moses has up their sleeve is anyone’s guess, but perhaps they still plan to deliver a gaming experience in the same vein as the original Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation, but without any similarities that would encroach on copyright infringement.

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