Zendaya Lands Lead Role in “Spider-Man” Reboot

Zendaya Joins Spider-Man

Movement on Marvel and Sony’s joint Spider-Man reboot is finally under way after casting their new titular hero back in June of last year. The studios cast Tom Holland as Peter Parker and tapped Jon Watts (Cop Car) to helm Spidey’s upcoming solo outing last summer –¬†way ahead of the film’s 2017 release date – in order to get Holland involved in Captain America: Civil War and make his debut appearance as the famed web slinger.

According to Deadline, Marvel and Sony have begun filling out the rest of the cast, starting with actress-singer of Disney fame, Zendaya. Deadline states Zendaya will play a character named Michelle, and at this time it’s not clear if her role is romantically linked to Holland’s Peter Parker. Parker most famously involved himself with Mary Jane and Gwen Stacey, but with two iterations of Spider-Man already existing since 2002, the studios may be holding off on introducing said characters for another installment. Or perhaps she is playing one of them, and this is just a ruse to keep everyone on their toes. OR, boldly enough, perhaps Zendaya is just playing a key role without any romantic ties to the hero. Crazy thought, right? (That was loaded with sarcasm and this would be a fantastic route to take.)

Spider-Man will mark as Zendaya’s first feature film. She quietly auditioned for the part over the past several months with other young actresses. With the wheels spinning and Civil War upon us, expect more casting and plot details to surface sooner than later.

Spider-Man will swing into theaters July 7, 2017.

Photo Credit: NYMag

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