Saudi Rapper Skinny Releases Cinematic, Self-Directed “Eight Dollars” [VIDEO]


There’s a reason why Director X signed Skinny to the Creative Souls imprint. The Saudi-born, Los Angeles-bred rapper knows how to piece together the perfect imagery to get a powerful message across. This talent is crystal clear in his self-directed video for “Eight Dollars,” a song off of Skinny’s Ghetto Disneyland mixtape.

Picking up where “Makaveli” left off, his newest visual takes viewers right back to the desert. But this time, Skinny isn’t leading the pack. He takes a back seat and allows two women to wreak havoc while dressed in heels and religious attire. These gun-toting ladies are on a high until life catches up with them in one of the most unexpected ways.

Controversy seems to follow Skinny as he pushes towards success. The heavily tattooed artist spoke on the push-back he’s received from his homeland. He also detailed the reasons he started out with impersonal tales, stating “It’s expression, it’s art…I definitely want to make music that’s more personal, more melodic, it’s more real shit but I can’t drop that right now, people don’t know me,” he told Noisey.

Get familiar with Skinny’s sound and directing skills through “Eight Dollars.” He’s prepping an EP titled Flights to the Moon, set to be released this spring.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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