BIA Releases New Song, “Gucci Comin Home” [STREAM]


Major things are happening for Boston rapper BIA. In the midst of prepping a full-length project, she recently announced her opening spot on Pusha T’s Darkest Before Dawn tour. For those who have been following the i am OTHER signee since her start, this is huge. Her bars have garnered tons of attention in recent months, and are continuously showcased with her back-to-back release of bangers.

Her latest single is titled “Gucci Comin Home.” It acts as a celebratory ode to Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane who is finishing up his time in prison. The Bunx-produced track features a sing-song hook and flow. With lines about boss chicks, weed, and the return of Guwop, BIA adds a different sound to her catalogue.

So far, she’s delivered the STASHED-premiered “Bobby Brown” and “Whip It,” two of her hardest and most raw records to dates. She experimented with sounds in the past. Her debut effort, #CHOLASEASON, is proof of her diversity as an artist.

Pharrell has had a lot of influence on BIA, especially when it comes to her singing. “I didn’t know I could sing until he threw auto-tune on. That was something so new for me,” she told STASHED in an exclusive.

Expect Knock on Wood in April.

Photo Credit: Hip-Hop DX

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