Samsung’s Waffle Is a New Social Network That Doesn’t Look Very Appetizing [VIDEO]

Samsung Waffle social network announced

How many social networks can you stomach at once? Samsung is hoping you can make room for one more. Formally announced at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Waffle is a new social network designed to let users build a grid around an existing photo. Currently in the development stages, there’s not much known about Waffle so far that indicates it’ll be a hot item in the app store.

The demo video for the Waffle social network shows users illustrating photos with colorful doodles (providing some incentive to use Samsung’s S Pen), creating drawings from scratch, and just sharing or just straight-up posting selfies. You’re probably wondering what’s the appeal here? According to Samsung, “Waffle offers a new, differentiated service that illustrates multiple points of view to generate a collaborative story.” Essentially, Waffle is a forum for uploading a photo or drawing, and then inviting your friends to create a surrounding grid composed of whatever the initial photo inspires them to share. These grids are infinite, meaning users can continue to add to them well beyond a few rows of images. Samsung claims the idea here is to create something similar to “a communal graffiti wall.”


Seeing what your photo might inspire your friends to share and/or draw on the Waffle social network has the potential to spark some initial appeal, but unless the developers in Samsung’s experimental C-Lab have some more tricks up their sleeve, the long-term appeal is questionable at best. In order to have a complete grid on Waffle,  your photo would have to garner eight contributions from other users. Thus, Waffle runs the risk of feeling like a weird board game on your phone with little-to-no reward if whatever you post doesn’t inspire a sufficient amount of responses.

If the Waffle social network manages to make it past the developmental stage, you can expect to see it available for iOS and Android later this year.

Photo Credit: Samsung

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