President Obama Chooses Kansas Over UNC In Final ESPN Barack-etology

Obama Chooses Kansas Over UNC In Last ESPN Barack-etology

It’s really almost over, guys. The 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will be the final edition of “March Madness” with Barack Obama as the President of the United States. That means that this is the last year that ESPN will do Barack-etology, where ESPN’s Andy Katz helps President Obama fill out his brackets. Do you think Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz or (shudders) Donald Trump will make time for brackets next year? Do you think anyone will care? I don’t think so.

I need a moment.

Anyway, President Obama picked Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks to win the NCAA title, with the hopes of correctly selecting college basketball’s national champion in the first and last years of his presidency. Even though Barack had a pretty spotty record of picking NCAA champions during his tenure at the White House, he did correctly pick the champs in his first year as President when he selected the North Carolina Tar Heels in 2009.

“Bill Self owes me,” Obama said in jest while filling out a bracket with ESPN for the eighth straight year at the White House. “I’m putting Kansas in here. Coach, I’m just teasing. I’m not putting pressure on you. But I think the Jayhawks in a squeaker get past UNC.”

In the Final Four, Obama picked the Jayhawks to knock off Texas A&M and the Tar Heels to beat Michigan State before the two meet in the final April 4 in Houston. “I have a tendency to pick the coach as much as anything, because typically these days, with one and done, what you see is continuity with the program,” said Obama. “Coach K [Mike Krzyzewski] or Coach [Tom] Izzo or Coach Self, Coach [John] Calipari, they know how to take even their blue-chip freshmen and mold them, so that by the time the tournament comes around they’re ready. I haven’t always picked the right top four teams, but typically it’s been one of the top teams that’s ended up winning the tournament.”

Check out President Obama’s final Presidential bracket in the video below.

Photo Credit: ESPN

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