The Undertaker Is 50 Years Old And In Better Shape Than All Of Us

Undertaker Is Deadlifting 500 Lbs, Clearing 40-Inch Box Jumps

Somebody should remind The Undertaker that he’s 50 years old, because his body has seemed to forget. Despite pushing a half of a century and in his 25th year competing in the WWE, Taker is getting ready to face off against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32 in AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX. While it’s totally understandable why you should have a few reservations about a 50-year-old wrestler taking on Vince McMahon’s daredevil of a son, this video should put those worries to rest for now.

In the Undertaker’s latest training video, “The Deadman” is dead-lifting (we saw what you did there) over 500 pounds of iron. He ups the ante later in the video by clearing a 40-inch box jump. That’s right, a 6’10” 50-year-old 300-pound man is still clearing 40 inches on box jumps. Never mind WrestleMania, send this guy to the Houston Rockets and let him spell Dwight Howard for a few plays at center. Dude has hops.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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