HBO’s “Hard Knocks” Series Will Feature The Los Angeles Rams

HBO's Hard Knocks Will Feature The L.A. Rams

On August 9, 2016 the brand-new season of HBO’s Hard Knocks will hit the air. The NFL-based reality show that follows a team throughout the ups and downs of training camp is back for another round, and this year the show will focus on the Los Angeles Rams.

The team is coming off of a season that wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad. They boasted one of the league’s hottest rookies in running back Todd Gurley and are relocating from St. Louis to Los Angeles. “Previous teams that have moved, it wasn’t something that we had covered fully like we’re going to cover the Rams,” said NFL Films coordinating producer Ken Rogers. “What we try to do on the show is find a team that’s going on a mission, that’s going somewhere. Having a team that’s not only trying to get somewhere but is also physically moving just adds to the drama of training camp.”

Despite fears of what a distraction the constant cameras can be (HBO will film over 1,500 hours of footage), the past six teams featured on the series have improved their records, with four of those teams making it to the postseason.

“It’s clear both in Southern California and nationwide there’s significant interest in the return of the Rams to Los Angeles, and it seemed like a very good year to give people a look at our franchise and our players,” said Kevin Demoff, Rams chief operating officer. “We have one of the youngest teams, a lot of talented players — back-to-back rookies of the year — that we want people to start to get exposure to. What better way to do that than ‘Hard Knocks’?”

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