PlayStation 2 Classics “Manhunt” and “Bully” Now Available on PS4

PlayStation 2's Manhunt and Bully coming to PS4

The latest Playstation Store update is making the most of Sony’s recently launched PS2 backwards-compatibility program. After the program’s initial lineup of Star Wars games, the latest PlayStation 2 titles coming to PlayStation 4 are of the much more mature variety.

Much to the delight of gamers with a penchant for virtual violence, Rockstar Games’ Manhunt (2003) and Bully (2006) are both the recipients of a PS4-style facelift. The two classic titles from the same company that brought us Grand Theft Auto can now be enjoyed with “full 1080p up-rendering and enhanced features such as trophies, shareplay, remote play, activity feeds and second screen support for game manuals with ‘PS Vita’ or PS App.” While Sony admits that there are “some features may not function properly,” the experience that both games provided on PlayStation 2 will pretty close to the criminal thrills found when playing the games on PS4.

Regardless of what small nuances the PS4 versions make have missed, the improved graphics and devilish nostalgia should prove to be well worth the $15 price tag for each game.


[Engadget via Sony]

Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

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