A Curious Deleted Scene From “Batman v Superman” Has Surfaced [VIDEO]

Batman v Superman Deleted Scene

All eyes are on Zack Snyder’s latest DC chapter, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The mega blockbuster which pits The Dark Knight against The Last Son of Krypton has pulled divisive responses from critics and fans, leading to a bitter-cold war between both groups. But regardless of what anyone thinks, Dawn of Justice has raked in a ton of money this weekend. As it stands, the DC launching pad earned $400+ million globally – an impressive haul against its $250 million production budget. And even though BvS has just hit theaters after months of anticipation, elated fans and cynical critics alike are already looking forward to Zack Snyder’s Rated R Ultimate Edition, which will feature 30 more minutes of footage and is expected to arrive later this summer. To follow up the major release of Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. has curiously added one of the deleted scenes from the film to their YouTube account.

The scene in question finds a group of soldiers descending into General Zod’s ship. The clip pans to an unidentified alien commanding three Mother Boxes, before evaporating into thin air. We then see the soldiers set their sights on Lex, who’s chest deep in the goo he used to create Doomsday. And as we know, those soldiers are never seen again.

The clip raises a lot of questions, but answers a few as well. Many suggest that the unidentified alien is in fact Steppenwolf, the uncle of Darkseid, who is projected to be the big bad in Justice League. If this holds true, this would explain that baffling (and at the time, unnecessary) scene at the end of Dawn of Justice, where Batman visits Lex in prison. Lex promises “he” is coming, so this scene definitely puts a little context to that claim.

If the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman contains more scenes like this, we could be looking at a much more complete film.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

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