Big Sean and Jhené Aiko to Release Joint Project, “Twenty88”

Big Sean

Word has been going around about a new Big Sean album for months now. Back in December, Pusha T, the current president at G.O.O.D. Music, revealed the Detroit rapper’s plans for a new LP. Though he didn’t say much, only that it was coming, Big Sean followed up by revealing the progress he’s made with the highly anticipated release.

“It’s my best work so far. I feel like on my last album, that’s the most comfortable I’ve been. This one is taking that to another level. The concept is crazy. The songs are crazy, and I’ve got a surprise, too. I’ve got a real surprise coming up soon,” he told the hosts at Real 92.3.

The surprise he could have been speaking of is his recent collaboration announcement. On Sunday, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko shocked everyone with news of a joint body of work. Titled Twenty88, the project is expected to be released on April 1.

News of that upcoming effort came shortly after Big Sean released a brand-new record titled “Get My Shit Together.” The song featured vocals from Jhené Aiko. The singer released a video for “B’s + H’s,” a loosie of her own, last week.

Big Sean’s last album Dark Sky Paradise reached certified platinum status back in February. With a solid fanbase spread between both artists, Twenty88 can possibly be a hit.


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