Kobe Bryant Remembers When Penny Hardaway Curved Him


Nobody holds a grudge quite like Kobe “Bean” Bryant. Over his 20-year career in the NBA, his reactions to perceived slights have become part of folklore. After the Lakers took on the Wizards last night, Kobe revealed that he also remembers a time when he felt slighted by Penny Hardaway.

As Kobe rose in his early career, he was compared to Penny as far as size and skill set.Those comparisons grew even more when Hardaway’s former teammate Shaquille O’Neal signed with the Los Angeles Lakers and joined a young Bryant, who would grow into an MVP-caliber player in his prime.

Reporters asked Bryant last night if he used to collect the autographs of NBA players, since part of Kobe’s farewell tour has included the Laker legend giving autographs to fans and fellow players. He replied by saying that before entering the NBA, his dad Joe “Jellybean” Bryant helped him secure the autographs of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the aforementioned Shaq.

According to Lakers beat writer Serena Winters, Kobe said Shaq was “really nice” when he met him as a kid. But, “Penny, not so much. I kinda carried that with me for the rest of my career.” The video of the post-game interview is titled “I’m still an asshole,” which is as appropriate as anything gets when it comes to Bryant. While a good amount of us are enjoying Bryant’s smiley, happy-go-lucky farewell tour, what we are going to miss most is Kobe Bryant the asshole.

Check the video in the player above, and somebody check on Penny and make sure him and Kobe are cool.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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