WWE Follows AJ Styles’ Madison Square Garden Debut


AJ Styles’ initial run with the WWE is going better than his skeptics expected. The former IGWP World Champion is gearing up for his first-ever WrestleMania, and although he’s well traveled and has performed around the world, there are venues that he still hasn’t gotten to wrestle at. One of those places is Madison Square Garden in New York City.

It’s become cost-prohibitive for the WWE to regularly run television there, so the company opts for Brooklyn’s Barclays Center now, but they frequently hold house shows and the occasional pay-per-view or event at the Garden. WWE followed AJ Styles for the entire day as “The Phenomenal One” hit the squared circle in MSG for the first time in his nearly 20-year career.

In this video, you can see that not only is this Styles’ first time performing at Madison Square Garden, but it is his first time stepping foot in the arena at all. “It’s a little hard to take in to be honest with you. These are goals and stuff that I didn’t think I’d see,” said Styles in the video.

“No other promotion as far as I know is allowed in here. And the fact that I’m here with WWE in Madison Square Garden, I can definitely check that off the bucket list. Sometimes you don’t get those butterflies anymore, but I’m definitely expecting them tonight here in Madison Square Garden.”

For a guy as seasoned as Styles is, it’s pretty cool to see him still get starstruck at things like this. Check out the full video in the player above as AJ takes on Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens.

Photo Credit: WWE

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