Action Bronson Is Absolutely NOT a Fan of Michael Jordan or His Sneakers

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Queens-based rapper Action Bronson has traditionally never been afraid to speak the truth, landing him in some (admittedly hilarious) hot water with others in the past. The rapper continues to stay true to himself, however, as he detailed his lack of respect for the Jordan sneaker craze, as well as his personal issue with the head honcho of the brand, Michael Jordan.

Detailing his disdain for Jordan while he visited New York City’s Kith with Complex, Bronson explains how he feels the Jordan sneaker has been cheapened over the years. “Nowadays this has just become the go-to shoe for every single human being and I just, I can’t do it,” said Bronson. “I don’t like the quality of them. I don’t like the look of them anymore, something changed about it. The nostalgia isn’t there for me anymore, it became more of like a circus shoe.”

While discussing the Jordan brand, the rapper also detailed why MJ isn’t his favorite person, citing a less-than-pleasant experience with the former NBA great. “I have a personal issue with Mike,” stated Bronson. “We didn’t hit it off when we met. He looked at me as probably a little shit and he’s seven feet. He can like, dunk on me and put his nuts on my head, you know what I mean? So he could care less about me.”

Yikes. Watch the full clip up top in the video player now.

Photo Credit: Complex

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