It’s Time To Leave LeBron James Alone

It's Time To Leave LeBron James Alone

There’s a guy in Bristol, Connecticut, who has made an entire career out of trolling LeBron James. It’s not like you needed me to say it, but there hasn’t been an athlete in this generation that has had so much hype and not only lived up to it but surpassed it. With eyes on him since he was 16 years old, LeBron James has been seen as a prodigy, superstar, hero, villain, and pariah for the better part of 15 years. As the premiere athlete of the social media generation and the 24-7 hyper news cycle, James’ biggest scandal (if you can call it that) was leaving Cleveland for the Miami Heat.

Yet, still … there’s a guy in Bristol and many others like him who have made a lot of money and gained a lot of fame willing to say the most borderline insane things about a once-in-a-generation talent that we may never see again. The guy in Bristol has been so successful at saying dumb things about LeBron James that he was given a highly rated daily talk show which usually begins with him saying dumb things about LeBron James. He gets paid handsomely for this. It’s actually quite marvelous when you think about it.

There’s nothing you are going to read here that’s going to change your mind on LeBron James if you don’t like the guy. The fact that he isn’t Michael Jordan used to be looked at as a detriment for the better part of his career. He didn’t have the defining, iconic clutch jump shots that Jordan had, so people believed he wasn’t clutch … as if that’s the only thing that defines coming up with big moments in big games.

He does have these earth-shattering game-shifting blocks, like the one on Andre Iguodala that let you know that it didn’t matter if the Warriors won 73 games and had the best home court advantage in the NBA. They were not fucking losing, not on his watch. When the games mattered the most, LeBron James scored the most points, grabbed the most rebounds, dished the most assists, blocked the most shots and stole the most balls … for both teams. No player in NBA history has ever done that, not only in the history of the NBA Finals but the NBA postseason in general. His Cavaliers are the first team since 1978 to win a Game 7 of the NBA Finals on the road and only the fourth team to ever accomplish that feat. There’s other ridiculous stats that I can rattle off that ESPN is probably going to shove down your throat until November, but it all comes down to this: it’s time to leave LeBron James alone. After last night, James has entered that rare slander-proof air reserved for first-name basis legends like MJ, Brady, and Jeter. Sure those guys may have more championship rings, but it’s hard to imagine that any of those championships mean more than the one LeBron brought to Cleveland last night. A 56-year drought is over and it took every single point, rebound, assist, block and steal from LeBron James to do it. If he never wins another title again, they’ll never be able to take away his third and most important title of his career. So, for the guy in Bristol who is having his final show tomorrow on ESPN2, I’ll leave it to one of your own soon-to-be-former colleagues to make sure the doorknob doesn’t hit you where the good Lord split you.

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