WWKD? Ranking 8 Teams with the Best Chance At Landing Kevin Durant


The biggest story of the NBA’s summer of 2016 is the free agency of one of the game’s biggest stars: Kevin Durant. This summer has long been talked about in regards to where KD will choose to go. His free agency had been such a long time coming that the Washington Wizards went from frontrunner to taking themselves out of the running. When free agency begins on July 1, Durant will already have six meetings set up and three other teams vying for him. Wait, the Hawks just threw their name in the hat? Will he remain with the Thunder? Will he form a super team with the Spurs or Warriors? Will he shock the world and join the Celtics? So, out of these 8 teams, where WILL he go and where SHOULD he go? Let’s rank these possible destinations 8-1 on this criteria to check out his best possible options.

P.S. Since the Hawks have just expressed interest and Durant hasn’t shown any, they will be our honorary number 9.

Photo Credit: Roy Handy 

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Benjamin Harrison

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