Carry On: Thunder GM Sam Presti Preaches Positivity As Durant Leaves Town


Oklahoma City fans are experiencing the worst couple of days in franchise history. Kevin Durant has left the team for greener pastures in the Golden State Warriors. This decision makes it likely that Russell Westbrook also leaves when he becomes a free agent after next season. Thunder fans need reassurance more than anything these days and team owner Sam Presti is here to give it to them!

Presti held a press conference after news about Durant broke. Presti was asked how fans should feel about Kevin Durant. His response was handled much better than Dan Gilbert’s six years ago when LeBron left Cleveland. The message was a clear understanding of Durant’s impact on the city and how the business of the league works. His final message to the fans was: “Carry on and continue to be proud of what it is you represent. It’s much bigger than the Thunder.”

It is a nice change of pace to see Presti say nothing but kind words about a superstar that left a team in free agency. His focus was on continuing what was built by Durant and others and for fans not to harbor bad feelings for Durant. Instead, Presti asks for fans to “remember and celebrate” what the team has accomplished and look onward towards the future.

The future doesn’t appear to be any easier with Westbrook’s free agency around the corner. Presti’s statement was a great gesture from the organization and will hopefully ease the hurt from Thunder fans. How these fans respond to this and an upcoming possible rebuild is yet to be seen.

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