Andre Iguodala Leading the Charge for Inaugural NBPA Technology Summit

Inaugural NBPA Tech Summit created to help help players choose careers after basketball

On July 4, the National Basketball Players Association announced that it will hold the inaugural NBPA Technology Summit from July 19-21 in San Francisco. Andreessen Horowitz, Jawbone and SV Angel will be some of the companies attending the three-day event. NBA players will connect with these tech and media companies to explore investment and career opportunities as their playing days come to an end. During the summit, players will visit several media and tech companies in Silicon Valley. In addition to networking with them, they will also have the opportunity to watch presentations that will educate them about each of the companies they are interested in. Lastly, players will attend workshops that will show them how they can get involved while they are still playing, as well as after they retire.

“A key part of our mission at the NBPA is to help players maximize their opportunities on and off the court, and prepare for life after basketball,” said Roger Mason, Jr., Deputy Executive Director, NBPA. “Emerging technology such as wearables and new media content platforms directly impact our players every day, so we felt the time was right to provide a stage for them to gather, share ideas, get more educated and interact with some of the leaders in these growing fields.”

Andre Iguodala has played an important role in putting this event together. The 2015 NBA Finals MVP and co-vice president of the NBPA has explored interest in tech and media companies but like most players, he had no idea where to start. Eventually, he became the menswear director for Twice before the company was sold to eBay last year. Most players want to invest in a company and become a major player like Iggy did and so far, he has been able to make the transition easier for other players.

“Following the media and tech companies over the last ten years, I have learned a great deal about business development, new opportunities and the increasing growth and importance in the media and tech space,” said Iguodala in an article for“The close relationships and experiences I have developed with many of the CEO’s have allowed me to strengthen my knowledge about tech and digital media and apply many of the same principles to my game, like team building and leadership. The upcoming Tech Summit presents a tremendous opportunity for my fellow NBPA members to receive valuable information and knowledge about this evolving space.”

There’s more to life than just basketball, and most players will tell you that. The purpose of the NBPA is to represent the players and assist them in maximizing their goals on and off the court. The summit will help bring players one step closer to ensuring a future for their families long after their careers are over.

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